Improve the health equity and well-being of women, children and families who have limited access to primary health care services.


The Health Zone Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic will provide effective, timely accessible primary health care services in London for women, children, and their families who are in transition, live in marginalized conditions and/or encounter barriers to health or social care.

Flexible Access to comprehensive Primary Health Care Services

A full range of client-centered, inter-professional, primary health care services, including those which emphasize health promotion and illness prevention, will be provided at locations which are close to home, in ways that identify and minimize barriers to access.

Strengths-Based Care

We will deliver care in a way that recognizes and respects the strengths of clients, and fosters their ability to use these capacities to address health and/or social challenges and to contribute to their communities. Strengths-based care includes advocacy to support people in accessing needed resources within and beyond the health care system, and working to improve the responsiveness of other services and systems.

Responsiveness to Client Diversity

We recognize that people who seek health care differ in important ways and that effective health care needs to take these differences into account. Our services will be non-judgmental & respectful, gender-sensitive, trauma-informed, and culturally competent, with care at each site tailored to fit the local context.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Complex health and social problems are best addressed through collaboration and partnerships at all levels – with clients, colleagues, other services and systems and with the public. Using a community development approach, we will cultivate a spirit of collaboration, participation and shared decision-making to extend scarce resources and enhance services.

Innovation and Best Practices

The HZNPLC will contribute to advances in primary health care to improve the lives of people living in marginalized conditions. We will encourage and reward creative approaches to service delivery; the development of research partnerships; continuous professional and inter-professional team development and education; and the delivery of care that is informed by, and seeks to continuously develop, best practices based on current evidence.


The HZNPLC will act responsibly in accordance with professional and clinical service standards, use resources wisely and efficiently, share information appropriately and measure and report on performance to its board and to its key stakeholders, including its clients and the MOHLTC.