Code Of Conduct in the Clinic

HealthZoneNursePractitionerLedClinicsBoard,management,staff,volunteersandstudentsagree tobecourteous,professionalandrespectfultoclientsatalltimesandinallcircumstances. 

Patient Code of Conduct - Our clinic welcomes everyone who comes through our doors. We invite you to help us make this a safe and inclusive place for everyone. Our clinic serves people who experience discrimination, stigma and trauma, or who have in the past.  Our goal is to treat every person with respect and dignity. 

Respect - we expect everyone to be respectful of staff, other visitors, and the space. We will not tolerate behaviour or comments that are sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic. 

Non-violence - we expect that no one will be violent towards anyone in or around the clinic.  We do not tolerate physical violence, yelling, or threatening behaviour. 

Dignity - we expect that everyone will respect the dignity of other people, including not making hurtful comments about someone's physical or mental health issues, including their substance use. 

Take it outside - We all get frustrated and angry sometimes. We may want to shout or swear. If you are feeling frustrated and angry, please do not yell or swear in public areas of the clinic. We ask you to keep in mind that we are a health service. People here at the same time as you may be ill, distressed, or getting bad news. Please consider what may be going on for other people

Thank you, Health Zone NPLC Staff